David Frankel
Technical Art

Hello. Thanks for visiting my page.

I am a technical artist. I started as a 2D artist, moved into management, and, finally, shifted over to technical art. I've found that if you're the type of art manager who supports their team by making tools to automate tedious processes, you'll quickly be called a technical artist.

I'm the sort of technical artist who is, primarily, a generalist game developer. I'm interested in the creative elements of game development. In my personal time, while I do play with shaders, make the odd tool, and do other techy things, I mostly just make games. I have repositories full of game “sketches” the way other artists have pads full of quick drawings. And sometimes I even finish one of those sketches.

From 2020 to 2024, I was a senior technical artist on Blizzard Entertainment's Team 5. I spent my time creating Unity tools for artists, scripting components for effects designers, prototyping new features, and managing a team.

Prior to my role at Blizzard, I was at Grab Games, where I had a range of titles—from Art Manager to Technical Art Director—and where we built games for console, PC, VR, and mobile. My first industry job was at Javaground, a flip phone game company where I created pixel art and managed a small team.

Outside of work—and outside of making video games—I enjoy drawing, reading, walking, and making short movies with my friends.reading, listening to music, and making short movies with my friends.

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