David Frankel
Technical Art

Street Cleaning Day: Rat's Revenge

Street Cleaning Day: Rat's Revenge is a wave shooter with persistent upgrades. It was developed as a small ice-breaker project by three members of Black Heart Games. I was responsible for tech art and much of the engineering.

Cleaning the Lab

Cleaning the Lab was my team's entry in the Blizzard Game Jam, Summer 2024. The theme was “You Are the Enemy.” I handled art, collaborated on design, and did engineering for the cutscenes.

Falltime Fight Club

Falltime Fight Club is a 2D fighting game. I developed it solo; it was a fun, seasonal activity, and a means to learn the Godot game engine.

Moonbridge Library

Developed by four members of Team Bitrot, the Moonbridge Library visual novel was the winning entry in the 2022 anime expo chibi game jam. The theme was “Whimsical.” I did tech art and engineering.


:growjam: was my six-person team's entry in the Blizzard Game Jam, Spring 2022. The theme was “Growth.” I handled engineering and some design.


Bitrot is a Mario-like platformer with intentionally glitchy elements. It was developed by six members of Team Bitrot for Ludum Dare 49. The theme was “Unstable.” I did some of the art, some coding, and generally helped out wherever I could.

Experiment 0867-53-09

Experiment 0867-53-09 is Asteroids in a petri dish. It was created by the three-person Team MDS3 for the Blizzard Game Jam, Spring 2021. The theme was “More than Meets the Eye.” I focused on special effects and tech art.

Lab Rat

Lab Rat is a time management game created by the two-person Team Squamous for Ludum Dare 46. The theme was “Keep It Alive.” I handled the engineering, effects, and shared art and design responsibilities.

Symbiosis Null

The Symbiosis Null project was an exploration of science and personal philosophy headed by my friend Vivek Vimal. As the second member of our two-person team, I handled programming, asset implementation, and a bit of art.


Beach is a simple game that I created for my godson. I did the design, art, and engineering.

The Forgotten King

The Forgotten King is a Solstice-like. It was originally meant to be my solo submission to LOWREZJAM 2018, but I didn't finish in time. The low resolution (64×64!) was one of the requirements of the game jam.

Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit is a moon phase calendar that I originally developed in 2010. I used it to teach myself Xcode, and it became the first personal project that I released on the App Store. I recreated it in Unity in 2017.

Her Sovereign Virus

Her Sovereign Virus was made by the four-person Team Virus, and it was our entry in the bitbitJAM3 game jam. The theme was “Red Hot Princess Carnage.” I organized the project and did in-game art and animation.


The Ritual game demo was a solo personal project; my intention was to evoke emotion—particularly hope—through gameplay, controls, and movement.

Legend of Zeld

My entry in Game Jolt's Female Link Jam. I was a solo developer on this project and focused on art, tech art, and engineering. Legend of Zeld was a big learning experience and was a leap forward in my understanding of Unity, shaders, and basic 3D. Weird glitches aside, I was happy with my paper-craft visuals.

The Stampede

The two-person Team Purple Rain's submission to the Grab Games game jam in the fall of 2012. I did the art and programming.

Clyde vs. the Maze

I programmed the initial Flash version of this game—a three-week development exercise I did with two friends, and that received positive reviews. I directed the subsequent iOS version—for which we gained an additional team member—and that included new levels, enemies, Game Center support, and an extended soundtrack.

Sage Scrolls

For my first official game jam, I joined Team Sage as we developed Sage Scrolls for the UC Irvine Video Game Development Club's 2011 Summer Game Jam. I did the graphics.

Cable Miner

I made Cable Miner in Flash. I focused on reflex-based gameplay, game feel, and realistic spring physics. It was a hit at the office.

Dharma Battle

Built upon my previous Flash fighting games, Dharma Battle featured seven completely unique gods, devils, and enlightened beings.

Dojo Battle Crazy

After graduating, I freelanced at a local web design shop where I learned Flash. Outside of work, I tested my skills by recreating the original Dojo Battle. Shortly after, I created an enhanced edition: Dojo Battle Crazy.


HyperCard was one of the first tools I used when learning to make games as a kid. TOWNIES was the culmination of my HyperCard work. It was a full-scale, Japanese-style RPG about my life, give or take a few zombie attacks, back in school.

Dojo Battle / Troiani Bellum

Dojo Battle was a bare-bones fighting game, coded in C, that featured two blue-belts battling in a dojo. I built it on top of one of my class projects: the somehow-even-more-bare-bones Troiani Bellum.